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The Challenge
Goshen Housing Trust, Inc. was formed in early 2011 by a group of private citizens of the Town of Goshen, Connecticut who were concerned about the relatively high cost of housing in the Town and the resulting inability of many individuals and families who are important to the strength of the community to afford to live here.  

The available housing stock of any town shapes many characteristics that are important to the community.  As the average price of a home in our town has grown to well over $350,000 today, many who are important to the community – especially among the young and the old –are unable afford to live here.  In addition, the housing preferences of these groups have shifted over time, with quality rental housing being better suited for some in these groups.  Our town offers 87% of its housing stock as expensive, 3 bedroom or larger single-family homes, with almost nothing available as affordable rental housing.

Over time, the lack of suitable housing affordable by these groups can result in a population unable to support the range of talents, services and economic activity that are important to our community.  

The mission of Goshen Housing Trust, Inc. is to provide housing opportunities to individuals and/or families of modest means. Our goal is to help those we need to work in or serve our community to be able to live here, to help those who grow up here to be able to afford to stay here, and for those who have outgrown their large homes to avoid moving elsewhere to find affordable housing.

The Trust will provide qualified individuals or families with affordable housing using available public and private financing programs as well as donations from the community. We will retain ownership of the land upon which these units are built, allowing us to ensure that the housing remains affordable when ownership changes. We will also ensure that their owners properly maintain these units so that each home remains a positive asset to the community.

We are committed to creating housing that is in keeping with the rural New England character of our Town and that, when possible, preserves open green space for the community.

Goshen Center Circa 1749
Goshen Housing Profile

Read the latest data on the housing situation in our Town.   

This interesting information has been compiled by the Partnership for Strong Communities

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